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STD testing in Latin America is not easily available and is still a taboo for most young people. This is why most people don’t get tested and STD cases are on the rise.
Not only that but waiting in line with 30 other people in a Lab and trying to explain to the Lab staff you want to get tested while you’re surrounded by strangers is already uncomfortable to say the least. To make matters worse , most labs do not offer a simple testing kit for the most common STD’s. If you have ever tried in Colombia, most labs will charge you individually for each test which can get super expensive.

If you try to get tested through the insurance companies (EPS) they require that you first visit a doctor and then he prescribes the tests that he believes you need. A process that can take weeks and have you stressing out in the meantime. Getting tested for STD’s shouldn’t be that hard!

That is why Tests911 is born. We made it easy for you to buy your tests online and have one of our nurses ,discreetly visit you within 24 hours to collect your samples and then have the results delivered to you via email or WhatsApp. Plain and simple. You can also book a doctor appointment and have one of our doctors come to your home and check you out when you are feeling sick.

Don’t wait any longer and let us help you. Book your doctor appointment or your STD tests direct to your home today!!


Lic Lorena Ruiz

  • Trabajadora Social(UPB)
  • Especialist in Psychology. and Paliative Care (USB Med)
  • Diploma of Psycho-Oncology (Instituto Superior de Psicologia y Educacion Madrid)
  • Diploma in International Children Rights (HarvardDx)
  • Member of the Latin American Society of Pediatric Oncology

Dra Katerine Rengifo

  • Medica General (CES)
  • Especialista en Psicologia de Cuidados Paliativos (USB)
  • Master en VIH (Universidad Juan Carlos España)

Ps Ana Isabel Arango

  • Psicologa (USB)
  • Especialista en Psicologia de los Cuidados Paliativos (USB)
  • Diplomada en Psicologia Clinica y de la Salud

Ps Jonathan Gonzales Garcia

  • Psicólogo
  • Diploma en curso en VIH
Jorge Pac

Founder – Jorge Pac Yurrita

Latin American Tech Entrepreneur, Techrunch Top Pick Entrepreneur 2019 , Stanford University Cardinal Ventures Alumni 2018